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    Pennsylvania Powdered Metals, Inc.

    "Price First, Quality Always"   

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    Pennsylvania Powdered Metals
    PO Box 966
    1066 Trout Run Road
    St. Marys, PA 15857
    Phone: (814)834-9565
    Fax:     (814)834-9578

    If you are using the powdered metal process, you are aware of its advantages and cost savings. If you are not, let us show you the advantages and cost savings that PA Powdered Metals can offer you.

    powdered metal parts

    P.O. Box 966 - 1066 Trout Run Rd - St. Mary's, PA 15857
    Phone (814) 834-9565 - Fax (814) 834-9578
     E-mail: papowderedmetals@windstream.net

    Pennsylvania Powdered Metals

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    8 AM- 4:30 PM EST

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