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    Pennsylvania Powdered Metals, Inc.

    "Price First, Quality Always" 

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    Advancing Powdered Metal Technology

    The Pennsylvania Powdered Metals Advantage

    Superior Service and Support

    We provide the type of personable quality service and straight forward answers to your questions that are hard to find in larger companies.

    Commitment to Quality

    Our commitment to quality ensures that your parts meet your expectations and specifications.

    On Time Delivery

    With the advent of lean manufacturing, we realize that on-time parts delivery is critical to your business. We realize the importance businesses place on the on-time delivery of high quality parts.

    Belt furnace with powdered metal parts

    At Pennsylvania Powdered Metals, we never forget that your success is based on our fulfilling the needs of your business!

    Contact us today for a quote to save up to 20% on your current cost.

    P.O. Box 966 - 1066 Trout Run Rd - St. Mary's, PA 15857
    Phone (814) 834-9565 - Fax (814) 834-9578 
    E-mail: papowderedmetals@windstream.net

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    Hours of operation


    8 AM-4:30 PM EST

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